Watching porn in stereoscopic 3D?  It's easy:

YES, I got a new 3D-TV :

1. Download our "3D TV" videos.

2. Connect directly via USB stick to your 3D-TV and play.
Or stream the file from a PC or MAC using any player.

3. ENJOY Real 3D porn on your TV!

YES, I am "3D Ready":

(or use your bundled 3Dvision / ZALMAN player)

2. Download our "3D TV" videos and
hoose your preferred
Viewing Method.

3. ENJOY Real 3D porn !

NO, I do not have any 3D equipment:

1. Try to CROSSVIEW real 3D (a good way to view stereoscopic content)
OR get the common old-style ANAGLYPH glasses


Ask us if you have any questions!                                     mbr  AT) adult4d DOTcom


what?   hardware?   software?   PC?   internet?   4D?   join?   buy?

What is Adult4D all ABOUT?


Adult4D is the pioneer in Full HD 3D erotica.
We produced the worlds first Real 3D adult entertainment in FullHD!

We offer EXCLUSIVE high resolution 3D photos and REAL 3D videos filmed with 2 high definition 1080p cameras!
A bonus feature is 4D (scent of the girl) to enhance the "Like-Being-There" effect.
We currently work on adding interactivity for future release.

3D HARDWARE systems to watch 3D videos and photos?


Every stereoscopic 3D system will work!

For high quality we recommend a 3D TV, �3D Ready TV� or a 3D DLP projector (all from under $1000) - ideally connected to a PC.

There are also glasses-free 3D displays and 3D gaming monitors from ZALMAN, iZ3D, Samsung, Acer and other manufacturers.

Try to CROSSVIEW, if you have no 3D hardware available.

Use the still popular ANAGLYPH glasses on ANY monitor or TV using recommended software to convert "3D TV" videos (on-the-fly or for saving) to anaglyph
or by downloading ANAGLYPH version where available.



ANAGLYPH (red-cyan glasses)

Planar3D or Tardis D.I.Y half-mirror setup   /   D.I.Y. mirror setup!

Various DLP projectors !

CRT monitor with shutterglasses

3D gaming monitor like ZALMAN, nVidia 3D Vision or iZ3D

Great PROJECTOR for a big image size
that work with "DLP Link" shutterglasses or NVIDIA "3D Vision":
Check out amazing Optoma HD66 (~ US$700 ! ) and ASUS H5360  (~ EUR600 ! )

New Evo3D mobile phone and other mobile 3-D devices like 3-D TABLETS play our photos and videos in 3-D using a simple conversion explained here and here.

Have a look at our RECOMMENDATIONS below, if you do not have any 3D system or want to upgrade.

Ask us anytime by mail : mbr  AT)  adult4d DOTcom

Any SOFTWARE needed?


"3D TV" videos play directly on a 3D-TV.
OR use free StereoMoviePlayer (input format: side-by-side 50%)
OR 3Dvision player/ZALMAN player/StereoscopicPlayer (Input: LR side-by-side, Left Image First + Aspect Ratio 16:9 OR "Sensio") and choose your preferred Output Format like crossview, interlaced (polarized), pageflipping, ANAGLYPH, ...
On MAC or LINUX try Bino3D or StereoscopicPlayer using MPERSONATOR

"1080p" and "720p" video versions will play in flat 2D on standard players like WindowsMediaPlayer.
Use StereoscopicPlayer for "1080p" to see photos and videos in 3D after download.
Do not buy, but download free NVIDIA 3D Vision Player edition or ZALMAN player edition, if you have this system.
For a new 3D-TV choose Viewing Method = "Side by Side, Left Image First"
and Aspect Ratio = "Half Width" in Stereoscopic Player.

You can watch the "CROSSVIEW" versions (photo and video) without any special software with CROSSVIEW METHOD or in free StereoMoviePlayer for conversion to other 3D viewing methods like ANAGLYPH, interlaced (polarized), pageflipping, ...

"CROSSVIEW" (side-by-side / Right Image First), "1080p" and "3D TV" files (side-by-side / Left image first / 50% width) will ALL play in Stereoscopic Player for any 3D device or 3D viewing method.

3D PHOTOS .ZIP files for download are in CROSSVIEW format.
Select Input format: "RL Side-by-Side" in Stereoscopic Player to see them in your preferred Viewing Method.
Our newest galleries use the 3D photo standard .MPO file format - no selection required!

You can also watch 3D photos online on this website in various formats.

What are the PC requirements?


3D photos can be viewed on any computer.

High definition 3D videos in 1080p require a good PC for playback!
Try the CROSSVIEW version if 1080p is not playing well. 

Connect the PC to the 3D system!

What about INTERNET access?


As our TRUE 3D videos and photos have good quality they have big file sizes. We recommend a fast internet connection and a "download manager software" for resuming downloads, if interrupted.

What is 4D?


4D means an extra dimension, like scent.
With Smell The Ladies! you can enhance the LIKE BEING THERE effect - simply by getting your favorite girls perfume.
We also work on adding interactive features for future release.

What about JOINING to become a member?


Adult4D members can join using CCbill - a major billing provider with excellent reputation.
CCbill will manage all your payment details, membership cancellation and secure access directly. Only "CCbill LLC" will show up on your bill.

You can CANCEL ANYTIME here:

RECOMMENDATIONS for buying a new REAL 3D display:


USA and Asia:
Get a 3D TV from Sony, LG, Samsung, JVC, Panasonic, Toshiba, ... with suitable 3D glasses.
If you prefer a 3D projector, check out Optoma HD66 (US$ 700) with 3D glasses like e.g. "XpanD" (DLPlink) or "nVidia 3D Vision" + connect to a PC.
3Dvision shutter glasses will only work, if your PC meets nVidia requirements!

TV: Get a new 3D-TV with suitable 3D glasses.

3D projector: amazing ACER H5360BD (� 700 + glasses e.g. "nVidia 3D Vision" or "XpanD" DLP Link) + connect to a PC
3Dvision shutterglasses will only work, if your PC meets nVidia requirements!

CHECK the 3D TV and MONITOR or PROJECTOR list for many other options.

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